7 Tech Jobs for People With Computer, Software or Management Expertise

01.05.2016 | Info Articles | Jannine Hakim

Whether you’re interested in designing software or you want to prevent cyber attacks, there are a host of tech jobs that may be right for you. Technology jobs make attractive careers because there are so many job opportunities at the moment in the U.S. Consider the following tech jobs in San Francisco if you’re hoping to work in the tech industry.

7 Tech Jobs for People With Computer, Software or Management Expertise

1. Software Developer

The goal of a software developer is to create tools that help people stay entertained or manage their productivity. As a software developer, you’ll think out-of-the-box in order to design, test and improve apps and operating systems.

2. Computer Systems Analyst

Several computer systems analysts work for computer system design firms, but there are also positions in the banking, finance, science and healthcare industries.

3. Digital Humanities

If you’re not exactly techie but you still want a job in the industry, consider working in digital humanities. This is primarily an academic and research field that combined humanities with computing. There are a host of jobs in this field, ranging from analyzing data to online curating.

4. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts have to stay ahead of the game to spot and prevent cyber attacks. They’re also tasked with making sure company systems and data remain secure. Aspects of the job include risk and vulnerability assessment, as well as defense planning.

5. Web Developer

Web developers design websites and set up website navigation and functions. To become a web developer, a background in coding is ideal, as well as an interest in current website design trends.

6. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers require a bachelor degree and many employers also require a master’s degree. Every state in the U.S. requires mechanical engineers to have a license, too. In this position, you’ll use your background in research, design, building and testing to create high quality, safe products that are machine-driven.

7. IT Manager

As an IT manager, your role will be to guide your company to keep up with modern technology. In addition to having technical and computer skills, you’ll also need management skills.


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