Are you a Confident Candidate or an Arrogant One?

10.08.2015 | Industry News, Info Articles, Press Releases | Jannine Hakim

By: Jannine M. Hakim

Contributors: Marc Gianandrea and Ashley Santos


 Tech and Sales Jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area are highly sought after. As such, it is imperative that each candidate be their best during the entire job process. Because the Tech and Sales industry in the San Francisco Bay Area  is one of the most desireable places to lie and work, our top recruiters have provided us with some valuable insight on the importance of being confident in your work experience, credentials and education and the fine line that is often crossed between self-confident and arrogant.

Be open minded and Positive

Companies find that a confident person delivers a positive and optimistic energy to the office environment. This person is optimistic and upbeat about their own potential starting in the interview process, and continuing on into work performance and the office culture.  Confident candidates are easy to work with and are collaborative during the interviewing process.

The most important attribute a confident person has that an arrogant person does not is that confident people possess a willingness to learn, listen, understand and correct. Confident people are more receptive to criticism and open to change and learn new ways. This makes them very desireable candidates because they are easy to work with and willing to take advice from recruiters and company executives. Being able to roll with the punches and implement feedback and criticism leads to a success career path.

Are you arrogant?

Arrogant people, on the opposite, are very difficult to work with and are very rigid and unwilling to change, adjust or listen to advice that will better prepare them in a constantly evolving industry and demographic; often times correcting or advising an arrogant person will irritate or offend them. Because of this reaction, recruiters and company executives are not willing to help, suggest and/or encourage someone who is not willing to take the advice or suggestions of someone in the position to propel your career forward. Rather, this type of person becomes too difficult to work with because they know everything.

Recruiters find this attribute odd, especially since recruiters are always in direct contact with the hiring managers and know exactly what the company is looking for. Why not take the suggestion and/or advice of the recruiter seriously?

In fact, a candidate’s unwillingness to change, learn or understand demonstrates insecurity, impatience and a poor work ethic. These are the worst attributes to show to a future prospective employer, and a recruiter who is representing you.  You want to show off all of your best attributes and not show-off your worst ones.

Be Confident

Be the best version of you. Demonstrate all of your best qualities to your recruiter and interview, and you will surely gain favor in various respects as a candidate but most importantly, a highly sought after professional.

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