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Getting Tech in San Francisco

10.15.2015 | Industry News, Info Articles | Jannine Hakim

By: Jannine Hakim Contributor: James Misa San Francisco has become the hub for Tech jobs. The number of employees in San Francisco who work with computers and mathematics is double the national average in other states, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, these professionals on average earn $103,780 a year which is about… MORE »

Are you a Confident Candidate or an Arrogant One?

10.08.2015 | Industry News, Info Articles, Press Releases | Jannine Hakim

By: Jannine M. Hakim Contributors: Marc Gianandrea and Ashley Santos    Tech and Sales Jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area are highly sought after. As such, it is imperative that each candidate be their best during the entire job process. Because the Tech and Sales industry in the San Francisco Bay Area  is one… MORE »

More Job Seekers are Looking for Tech Jobs in San Francisco – Study

10.05.2015 | Industry News | Jannine Hakim

All over the world, including the United States, more companies are looking for tech workers. Job seekers, however, are opting for openings in a few key hubs. If a recent study among job seekers hold true, most of them are more likely to look for jobs in San Francisco, among many others.

Why You Need a Recruiter!

09.23.2015 | Industry News, Info Articles, Press Releases, Previous Publications | Jannine Hakim

By: Jannine Hakim, Contributors: Mark Gambirasi, Ashley Hunt, Ryan Furlong and Kim Davis Recruiters offer you the best opportunity for you to reach your full career potential. This can be accomplished by tips that only recruiters can give you, no matter how much work and interview experience you have. Having the inside scoop to everything… MORE »