Getting Tech in San Francisco

10.15.2015 | Industry News, Info Articles | Jannine Hakim

By: Jannine Hakim

Contributor: James Misa

San Francisco has become the hub for Tech jobs. The number of employees in San Francisco who work with computers and mathematics is double the national average in other states, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, these professionals on average earn $103,780 a year which is about double what the national average is in other states. In fact, 10 years ago, banks and financial institutions had a controlling presence in San Francisco, however now, Tech companies hold the majority of office space leases in San Francisco (San Francisco Business Times).

Tech jobs in San Francisco give you the opportunity to explore the tech industry regardless if you actually studied computer science in school. Within Tech startups, there are several different levels and positions anyone interested in the tech industry can work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

For instance, tech startups are no longer just based on computer science and engineering, rather there are other degrees that are also desired like Statistics and Math. Because the San Francisco bay area is the hot spot for everything tech, breaking into this industry could be challenging.

The way to break in

Like in any other industry, the best way to find a job is to network and market yourself. The best way to get you into the tech industry is find a recruiter who will represent you to the top tech executives. A recruiter will identify your strengths, skills and work experience in this competitive job market and help you stand out and not be another face in the crowd. Especially if you are interested with working with a tech startup, recruiters are the best way to get in because they work closely with the founders and get a sense of the ramping up stages and identify who and what these startups are looking for, often times, even before these companies go public.

Why recruiters are Great

Recruiters help you define what you are looking for, and the type of professional you are. A recruiter knows what is out there and can realistically coach you towards finding a career that really exemplifies your talent or how to grow your talent.

You need a recruiter with networks and tools to find the right job for you. An advantage to a recruiter, which was also discussed above, is that recruiters work closely with startups and often are very involved during the building up stages of tech startups, so they have access to founders and the jobs they seek to fill before the jobs and/or companies even go public.

Recruiters have the tools, subscriptions, a peer group for support and a network that is better than yours. Think of it this way: People don’t sell or buy their own homes; they find realtors to sell and buy their homes. So, why not find a recruiter to find your ideal job or find the perfect candidate for the job you seek to fill?


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