Sales Job Candidates Should Have Specialized Skills Employers Look For

05.12.2016 | Info Articles | Jannine Hakim

Jobs in sales have always centered around one key, yet unspoken element. A salesperson doesn’t just “sell.” They are a the human conduit between consumers and product or service providers. Salespeople are the first and most important representative of a company to the public, and the main human factor determining the formation of corporate-to-public relationships.

Asserting Skills in Sales

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people working in career sales jobs in San Francisco and nearby areas are earning an average of 44% more per hour than their counterparts nationwide. This indicates two important developments in the corporate world.

First, more people entering the job are pursuing skills and experiences that lead them to have the desired competencies for a successful career in sales. This is true whether it is door-to-door, or white collar. Second, these statistics prove that an incredible amount of companies in the San Francisco area are dedicating more time and resources to finding people with world class corporate sales training.

sales job candidates

So, what are the skills and competencies preferred by employers who create the best paying San Francisco sales jobs? The answer is interesting, but doesn’t only apply to people in San Francisco. Sales job candidates who have the following skills are considered for higher paying positions no matter the location, or type of business entered.

Here are tips for people wanting to enter high paying sales positions, as compiled from the opinions and preferences of business managers who actively search for employees using professional recruitment services like Andiamo! Group.

1. Understand the philosophy governing the differences between consumer needs and wants.

2. Consider college level classes on traditional/clinical human psychology. This type of background lets employers know that a candidate for a sales job is serious about forming lasting relationships with consumers.

3. Have a full knowledge of a potential employer’s services and products. Understand how they help people and separate a company from the corporate crowd.

4. Be completely versed in, and comfortable with, all types of modern social media platforms. Companies need experts in selling techniques, but more importantly they want people who can communicate with consumers on their chosen levels.

5. Acquire developed interpersonal skills. These are essential to forming trust as a conduit between consumers and a corporate body. They are also essential when a sales job grows into a career, and the need for balancing a private life and a professional life arises.

Pursuing sales jobs in San Francisco is a great example to follow for anyone, anywhere seeking a career in sales. Simply assume that the next employer is looking for someone special, and work tirelessly to have the skills and personal qualities that answer the call.


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