The Importance of Benefits in Sales Jobs

12.28.2015 | Info Articles | Jannine Hakim

In many companies, the sales staff members have handsome compensation packages. However, there is more to a great compensation package than simply having high earning potential with a thoughtful pay structure. Compensation also includes health insurance, a retirement plan, and often life or disability insurance, dental coverage, vision coverage and more. When you are looking for sales jobs in San Francisco, pay attention to the total benefits package rather than the amount of potential take-home pay you could have.

The Importance of Benefits in Sales Jobs

Why Benefits Are Important

Even the most skilled sales professionals will need time to ramp up a new company. In addition, your commission structure may be based on performance, and you may have a reset for the commission structure every month, quarter or year. These are common causes of lower paychecks in sales staff, and there are also slow periods based on the economy, market conditions and other factors that may be beyond your control. With this in mind, your ability to pay for some of your benefits out of pocket can fluctuate considerably between slow and thriving periods.

What Else to Look For

Compensation is critical for a sales job, but the take-home pay and benefits are not the only things to consider. For example, it can be beneficial to work for a company that provides sales training in-house to its staff members and that has a corporate culture that you feel great about. Sales training can help you to stay fresh with your efforts and can make it easier for you to close more deals.

Another factor to consider is your market. Your territory or market should also be attractive so that you are poised for success rather than struggling to find leads and convert them into sales.

As you look for new sales positions and go on interviews, keep in mind that your interview gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the position as well. It is important to be proactive about the compensation and benefits package you receive. You have the ability to negotiate parts of the compensation package so that it is more lucrative and attractive for you.


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