What You Should Know about Applying for Tech Jobs in San Francisco

03.22.2016 | Info Articles | Jannine Hakim

For young, new graduates either looking for employment or seeking the dream of hitting it big and breaking through the challenging world of business, finding the best opportunities tend to be overwhelming. With the help of professional recruitment agencies like Andiamo! Group, you should be able to find the best suited and most compatible kind of job in a company where you can grow and fulfill your potential.


In the meantime, though, you would do well to be on your toes and keep these simple tips in mind when looking at tech jobs in San Francisco.

Update Your Skills

Keep in mind that the industry you are trying to enter is based on technology, that one aspect in our daily lives that constantly, never-endingly changes. Software and programs can be obsolete in as little as a few weeks, and a unique tech idea isn’t far from being yesterday’s news.

That’s how dynamic this industry is, and if you want to be a part of that, then you should show that you are, too. Giving a background of what you can do is good, but better make sure that you can adds some new value to the table.

Clearly Identify Your Objectives and Experience

Most of the time, those who do not make it into their company of choice failed because they weren’t as forthcoming about their intentions and experience. Don’t just give vague statements about what kind of position you held. Clearly list down the responsibilities that you had and how you dealt with them.

From there, you can then paint a clearer picture of what your objective is as you take on this new role that you are applying for in this new company. More than anything, tech jobs would want someone who knowledgeable, but also flexible and willing enough to learn beyond their current skillsets.

Be Open to Possibilities

Here’s a (not-so) secret that’s been floating around the tech valley for a while now: you don’t necessarily have to be a tech person in order to land tech jobs in San Francisco. Sure, there are certain positions that require specialized knowledge, but then again, in today’s computer world, it’s nothing that you cannot learn.

In fact, some companies do welcome variety in their employees roster. You’re not all going to be built in to the same profile, and that’s where creativity will shine through the most. Your “non-techie” status can be a breath of fresh air to an otherwise black and white tech company.

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