Why You Need a Recruiter!

09.23.2015 | Industry News, Info Articles, Press Releases, Previous Publications | Jannine Hakim

By: Jannine Hakim,

Contributors: Mark Gambirasi, Ashley Hunt, Ryan Furlong and Kim Davis

Recruiters offer you the best opportunity for you to reach your full career potential. This can be accomplished by tips that only recruiters can give you, no matter how much work and interview experience you have. Having the inside scoop to everything you need to know and everything you should know will give you that advantage that your fellow interviewers do not have for opportunities in IT jobs in San Francisco and Sales jobs in San Francisco.


Tip #1: Phone Calls


Often times, hiring managers want to chat on the phone with you before you actually come in to meet the team for the formal interview. Since this is the first time speaking, it’s always best to be prepared for this call.      The first tip is that our recruiters will always schedule the best times for you and the hiring manager. The best way to communicate with a hiring manager and display your knowledge and skill is by being available and prepared for the call. Being ready for the questions that you know he or she will ask will give you that step up above the other candidates, and the optimum way to do this is to let your recruiter give you that information. Why, you might ask? Well, because that’s what we are here for! We seek to present every candidate with the best opportunities, and the best way to do that is to thoroughly prepare you for everything you need to know, everything you should know, and almost everything you will need for that day.

For instance, scheduling a call in advance gives you the power to always be in good cell reception, be in a quiet place to chat and where you can concentrate if you will be hit with some tough questions, and also afford you the opportunity to get your notes in order. Because your recruiter will schedule this ahead of time for you, this opportunity will be one where you can excel and not crash and burn because you were unprepared.

Tip #2: Be Honest


Sometimes people feel like they or their work history is not good enough to get them the position, so they need to build themselves up to the hiring manager for them to stand a chance. Well, guess what. Some of the best advice some of our best recruiters have said is to tell the truth, 100% of the time. By being completely honest with the hiring manager, you will save yourself from a nightmare if you take that position and are now expected to do more than you are capable of. Bolster yourself, but have comfort in knowing that our recruiters are also doing that for you! We focus the hiring manager’s attention to your strengths, successes and accomplishments!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, recruiters will also bring you back to reality. Sometimes, candidates can be overly confident and walk into an interview arrogant because they think they have the best skills in the industry. Think again! Sales and Tech jobs in San Francisco are the most competitive in the industry and country!  Although a candidate may have stellar skills and exceptional work experience, the truth and honesty of a recruiter can be what makes you a realistic candidate in the job market.

In the end, being honest with yourself, with your recruiter, and your recruiter being honest with you, will land you the best opportunity.



Tip #3: Be Open Minded


You never know where an interview or phone conversation will take you. Some of our recruiters and clients have found that sometimes you are better fit for a different role from the one you were initially applying for. Never limit your options by only thinking about seizing one opportunity. When you have a recruiter working with you, they often know of more positions than are advertised or the deeper specifications the hiring manager is looking for, that applicants either don’t know or have access to.

This especially comes into play in IT jobs in San Francisco, because this industry is constantly evolving. Being at the heart of the Tech Industry, new positions, roles and jobs are being created every day! Why not work with a recruiter who knows what jobs are open or about to be created to find that perfect candidate? There is always a perfect candidate for every position, don’t limit yourself to only one opportunity; because you are always the perfect candidate for something, we just need to find it for you.

Tip #4: Keep your Eye on the Prize: Be Patient!

The most grueling interview processes can take weeks, if not months! Don’t lose sight of the ultimate prize; almost always, clients are just trying to get their ducks in row in order to make you the best possible offer. Stay calm and always listen to your recruiter. Your Recruiter is your biggest advocate, biggest fan and always has the utmost confidence in you. Many candidates grow tired of the waiting game and move on too quickly.  It’s always best to let things resonate and reflect on the experience. By staying calm and reflecting, you will either know why the hiring manager thought you were the best candidate, or what can help you for the next time.


Let us find you the best opportunity and be the best! Apply today and work with the best in the Sales and Tech Industry